Tuesday morning classes have been super fun lately. Everyone is working on a different project and students are all learning from each other. It’s a relaxed and therapeutic time for us all. Some of the skills being taught are: different types of substrates and when to use them, which adhesives to use, ways to hang your pieces, tabletop designs, cutting skills, design principles, andamento, and of course there’s always claywork being done. Come join us. It’s just such a fun way to spend a morning hanging with other women.

Here are some of the photos of happy mosaicists.

Here’s Chris working on her border tile for her Tree of Life. This project is huge and I admire her for taking on the challenge. This one combines working with clay for the border and the tree, and the background will be glass mosaic.

Here’s Jody working on glazing her heart for her Sagrado Corazon wall piece. Glazing was not her most fun activity because of the addition of the little balls, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. This piece combines clay work with handmade background tile and glass gems around the border.

Here’s Gina’s second tabletop. Love all the color. Looks like candy doesn’t it?

This is Gina’s first tabletop which is much more complicated and much more detailed. She stopped midway, finished the easier one, and is now back to working on this one. It’s really beautiful and I can’t wait to see it finished.

Here’s Collen’s drawing of her newest piece with dragonflies and flowers. It’s all stained glass and glass gems and I can tell already it’s going to be a beauty.

Here’s Pam glazing her sun which is a ceramic piece.

Here’s Pam’s sun all completed. Isn’t it gorgeous!

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